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Foreign Trade Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Take full charge of the sales operation and management in the company¡¯s foreign trade department;

2. Deal with and respond timely to customer's order and demand;

3. Track customer¡¯s product usage condition, maintain customer relationship;

4. Periodically finish quantified work requirements under leadership and supervision of superior, and has the capacity to independently deal with and resolve the tasks in charge of;

5. According to the operation procedure and management system of the company, implement, track and supervise the trade business;

6. Assist in implementing the work goal and plan of the company's trade business;

7. Finish other works assigned by superior.


1. Junior college graduate or above, major in international trade, business English or related majors;

2. People with foreign trade work experience have priority;

3. Standard mandarin, strong language expression ability;

4. Skillful usage of all kinds of office software;

5. Good communication, coordination and execution ability, take work steadily and seriously, keen and quick response, strong sense of responsibility;

6. Understand the process of import and export business, familiar with the steps of foreign trade business.

7. With a clear career planning, short-term workers do not bother!

Compensation & Benefit :

Whole and complete welfare system, equity participation opportunity. Annual salary more than 100,000-200,000.

Provide loose development platform for each employee, with person of outstanding ability, salary negotiable.

Two days weekend,Holidaywelfare, Legal holidays 

Salary: qualifying period 2500 basic salary + commission + perfect attendance + bonus, 

regular worker 3000 basic salary + commission + bonus + perfect attendance+ bonus.

Working time:  8:30-12:00   14:00-18:00

Tel: 0371-63716277

Working address:

24th Floor, Unit 2, 9th Building Lanbaowan Phase 1,Dongfeng Road, Jinshui DistrictZhengzhouHenan

The Company is an international trade company in Henan province, with favorable cross-border resources, business resources, logistics advantages and so on, we are a happy and efficient work team, with quite well developing prospect, welcome you to join and grow together with the company. Welcome willing person to visit the company and conduct further discussion.

Special tips: If succeed in becoming a member of the company, you can take bus B18¡¢B32¡¢2¡¢64 to and from work every day, drop at Shuma Gongyu and walk to the company, it can be easy and convenient.

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