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The director of the general administration of customs Yu Guangzhou: convinemt four measures to promote the import and export trade

Source£º     Release date:2016/3/21

On March 9, 12 sessions of the National People's Congress four conference held in Beijing great hall of the people the second plenary meeting.

China news agency Beijing, March 9 (xinhua Hao Shuang Chen Lin) 9, in the afternoon, the 12th National People's Congress four conference held at the great hall of the people the second plenary meeting. After the meeting, the director of the general administration of customs Yu Guangzhou after "minister channel", said the four measures to promote convinemt import and export trade, service in place.

First, the double random, that is, the customs check, who checked, all risk is set by the computer, at the discretion of the people. The general administration of customs in July promotion plan to 90% of the country's regions.

Second, the integration of customs clearance. Connect each closed last year, the customs department, the country is a closed, enterprise can procedure in a close together. This year, the main job is to set up some on tax collection and management and risk prevention and control center, unified the more time in law enforcement, make customs clearance more smooth and effective integration.

Third, JiangFei. In the import and export trade on the part of some expenses increased the cost of the enterprise. Yu Guangzhou said, should continue to make greater efforts to clean up focus on cleaning efficiency. A reduced charge rate is larger in February this year, for good enterprises are exempted from customs inspection fee, has been tested in guangdong and Shanghai. Pilot since last October, the measure JiangFei is 170 million yuan RMB for 47000 companies.

Fourth, lower export inspection rate. Risk for those small enterprises, in the export inspection rate will drop one percent lower than in the past, to make customs clearance on the premise of effective prevention and control risk, effective supervision, precision inspection, to ensure both inspection well, and I pass fast, convenient.

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