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China import and export trade this year why not set a specific indicators

Source£º     Release date:2016/3/21

Premier li keqiang 5, made by the government work report on this year's foreign trade development, haven't come up with specific Numbers, but in the "import and export of stabilizing positive". Have representatives said that this marks the prelude to this year's foreign trade development will be more quality. See from the previous years, from 2013 to 2015, the import and export growth target is 12.2%, 7.5% and 6% respectively. Complex severity as the world economy is far more than expected, in 2015 the foreign trade import and export growth - 7% in real terms, is last year's government work report of the only did not implement a quantitative indicators.

The CPPCC national committee, the central university of finance and principal Wang Guangqian believes that in the new period our country foreign trade development in external demand, competitive advantages and export support, the trade structure in a series of new change trend, thirty years high speed growth is gone. The foreign trade development goals without specific figures shows that the future development of foreign trade will be more heavy quality rather than quantity. According to the survey, in addition to China the world's 20 top trade country (region), 18 countries (area) government shall not publish annual trade growth forecasts and target. "The evaluation of the foreign trade operation should be put in the background of the domestic and foreign large consideration." Deputy to the National People's Congress, and holding group chairman Chen Naike, said his government work report made solid progress "in all the way" put forward by the construction of production capacity, expanding international cooperation and promote the innovation and development of foreign trade, will help our country foreign trade quality efficiency and realize the positive of stabilising.

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