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         Henan zhonghao international import and export trade co., LTD is a professional meat clearance agents, with general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, international import meat qualification approved by the ministry of commerce. After two years of development and accumulation of experience, in China, tianjin port, Qingdao port, Shanghai port has its own offices, have customs clearance staff 50. Importing countries covering Europe, America, Australia and other countries, the high quality service has won the domestic customers spoke highly of meat including: beef and mutton, pork, chicken.

          Henan zhonghao international import and export trade co., LTD has clear advantages, meat by zhonghao international import and export trade co., LTD in henan, henan meat specified port clearance of the customer, all enjoy zhonghao international import and export trade co., LTD., henan container value must be a yuan! The goods to the port customs clearance on the day that day, Saturday and Sunday is temperamental predominance shut! Efficiency, convenient and quick. Effectively reduce the domestic logistics transportation costs of goods, to improve the price advantage and limitation advantage frozen meat products. Each port, has a powerful team professionals is present, data check, shipment tracking, inspection declaration, warehousing management, every link we all go all out to provide customers with the most timely and most convenient service!

         Henan zhonghao international import and export trade co., LTD., excellent working environment and a good incentive mechanism, to attract a batch of high quality, high level, high efficiency of talents. With perfect technology research and development strength and mature after-sales service team. Our aim is: "with the service and sincerity in exchange for your trust and support, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, create a win-win!" My company is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life both at home and abroad sincerely cooperation, create a better future! My company to provide quality platform for a number of ambitious joint venture educated young people. We are a young and vigorous team! We are a pragmatic and dream team!

        Come on, join us! Here to provide you with the best platform and the broad space to grow up, we work together to create the industry's most outstanding team!

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