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We advocate enterprise internationalization and modernization, committed to feedback the society through enterprise development, to promote social and economic improvement; We advocate personal sense of teamwork, encourage employees to make contribution to the society and benefit to the company, to create a harmonious working result, and we expect employees to become the company's major driving force. 

Our Culture: transparent and open, sincere communication, team cooperation, efficiency and innovation!
Our Service Idea: Trustworthy, Whole Course Care!
Our Core Values:

Social Responsibility

We advocate corporate social responsibility, committed to feedback the society through enterprise development, to promote social and environmental improvement; We advocate individual social responsibility, encourage employees to make contribution to the society, we expect employees to become models for good citizenship.

Customer First & Honor
We pay close attention to each of customer¡¯s demands, to continuously exceed customer expectations through technical innovation and high quality service, and bring sustainable values for customer; We are ever pursuing "Customer succeed, and we succeed"!

Vision & Foresight

We are with full vision and keen discernment, we constantly set up higher goals, to meet the challenge and realize our ideal.

Honesty & Sustainability

Attaching great importance to keeping words, which is the footing stone for enterprise development.

We stick to a professional creed to our customers and partners which is fair, honest, and trustworthy ; We create a loyal, honest, equal, open and pragmatic working atmosphere for employees.

Positive & Aggressive

We will meet challenges with confidence, courage and passion, with positive attitude to face life and to overcome difficulties; Pioneering and enterprising, team working and struggling, the firm belief in pursuing success inspires us to ever bravely walk forward!

Continuous Innovation

We are most dedicated to innovation and believe that everyone has the impetus and capacity for innovation, use innovative technology to integrate resources, improve supply chain efficiency, promote the development of logistic industry.

Pursuit of Excellence

Integrity and Whole Love, Pursuit of Highest Virtue, we strive for perfection in everything and every link we do, we are doing everything, with goals big and far, we continuously surpass and create values, we seek self-realization and the supreme honor and credit. 

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